We are very fortunate in our community to have 2 Police Community

Support Officers (PCSO's) who are regularly on the beat to help ensure

that Twydall is a pleasant place for all to live-in in safety.

If you see them around be sure to say "hello" to them. They are both

friendly and caring and want to play an active part in the life of our


Their names?


Cheryl Hendrie

Joshua Barton


There are regular PCSO "surgeries" that are run on a monthly basis at Twydall Evangelical Church (Goudhurst Road) - a time when anyone can come along and meet them and ask them any questions that they have.

The next sessions are from 11.00 am - 12 noon on



If you have an emergency concern, then always call 999

If it is a non-emergency concern then, always call 101